Megali Ammos Beach: Discover the golden beach of Kythnos

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On the eastern side of Kythnos island, within the expansive bay of Kanala, lies the renowned Megali Ammos beach. Surrounding this coastal gem is the charming village of Kanala, nestled amidst the island's distinctive pine forest where the revered church of Panagia Kanala, housing the miraculous image of Our Lady discovered by fishermen, stands.

Throughout the summer, Megali Ammos beach attracts both tourists and locals, as well as visitors from other parts of the island who venture to the picturesque village of Kanala. True to its name, Megali Ammos, or the Great Sand Beach, boasts golden sands and shallow, azure waters, making it a popular choice among families. While a few scattered trees offer limited shade along the shoreline, a Beach Bar caters to the needs of beachgoers.

Taverns serving Kythnian cuisine and fresh fish from the daily catch provide dining options in the vicinity, along with cafes offering breakfast delights or a relaxing spot for coffee, pastries, or ice cream post-swim. Nearby shops and bakeries cater to essential needs.

Behind the snow-white holiday homes lining the beach, a small valley is nurtured by mountain streams, where residents tend to orchards and vegetable gardens. At the western end of the beach, atop a low hill, sit scattered holiday cottages.

To the east, beyond Ammoudaki beach, the Kanala peninsula dominates the landscape. Along its base, imposing sea rocks stand tall, while at its southern tip lies the chapel of Saint Calliope, offering panoramic views of Kanala bay. A small pier and stairs on the right side of the bay lead to the pine forest, surrounded by the village settlement and the island's guardian, the church of Panagia Kanala, creating a picturesque vista unique to this small peninsula of Kythnos.

Megali Ammos Kythnos Greece

A Beach of Unparalleled Beauty

Megali Ammos, with its expansive stretch of golden sand and crystal-clear waters, embodies the idyllic Greek beach experience. The blend of sand and pebbles underfoot, the gentle lap of the Aegean Sea, and the lush greenery framing the beach create a picturesque setting for relaxation and leisure.

Spiritual and Cultural Haven

Kythnos Island is notable for its numerous churches and chapels, beautifully located amidst its hilly landscapes, beside beaches, and on rocky terrains, many honoring the Virgin Mary.

Among these, the Panagia Kanala church, situated in its namesake village, stands out as a key pilgrimage site. Here, the revered and miraculous icon of Panagia Kanala, the island's guardian, is kept and venerated, drawing pilgrims and visitors seeking solace and spiritual renewal.

So, beyond its physical allure, Megali Ammos or Kanala beach  is steeped in spiritual significance. 

Activities and Amenities for Every Traveler

Megali Ammos offers a variety of activities to cater to every preference. Whether you're looking to bask in the sun, swim in the azure waters, or explore the vibrant marine life through snorkeling, the beach provides an ideal backdrop. For those seeking comfort, nearby amenities include cozy tavernas serving local delicacies, ensuring a delightful culinary experience. 

Exploring the Surroundings

The charm of Megali Ammos, extends beyond its beach. The area is surrounded by enchanting landscapes, including serene villages and other captivating beaches waiting to be discovered. Embark on a hiking adventure to explore the island's rugged terrain, or visit the village of Kanala to immerse yourself in the local culture and history.

A Stay to Remember

For travelers planning their escape to Kythnos, Megali Ammos Beach promises a memorable stay. The combination of natural beauty, cultural richness, and the warm hospitality of the locals make it an ideal destination for those seeking both relaxation and adventure.

How to get to Megali Ammos

By water:

Typically originating from Loutra (Baths) as a central point, Megali Ammos beach emerges following a series of adjacent bays along the southeastern coastline, situated amidst the pine-covered peninsula. The Kanala Gulf, facing south and east, requires vigilance due to the presence of a reef at the entrance to the bay.

By road:

Megali Ammos beach lies just 6.5 kilometers away from the settlement of Dryopida. To reach it, initially head south on the basic Provincial Road, then turn left towards the canal. From Mericha, the distance is 11.5 kilometers, taking roughly 20 minutes by car. Start by heading towards Dryopida, skirting around it, then continue south and finally east. Alternatively, from the town (Hora), which is 10.7 kilometers away, begin the journey south towards Dryopida on the basic Provincial Road, continuing south and then turning left at the sign to Kanala.

This area is a favorite among many hikers who follow the Dryopida-Agios Konstantinos-canal path, spanning 8 kilometers in length. Approximately 75% of the path is cleared, while 10% consists of seasonally traversable roads.

The route starts with a southward direction from an altitude of 259 meters, reaching a maximum of 304 meters within the first 2.5 kilometers. The path continues without significant changes in elevation for the next 2.5 kilometers before turning south and then left towards Saint Constantine, gradually descending.

 Alternatively, hikers can commence from Agios Minas at Dryopida, heading southeast to reach Kalo Livadi after 4 kilometers. From there, continue west for the remaining 3 kilometers to Kanala, eventually arriving at Megali Ammos beach. This route involves varied terrain, with uphill and downhill sections. The path is clear for approximately 45% of the journey, while the remaining 30% consists of dirt roads and streets.


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