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Panagia Kanala Megali Ammos Beach Kythnos Thermia

Megali Ammos Beach: Discover the golden beach of Kythnos

Megali Ammos beach is on the eastern side of Kythnos island, within the expansive bay of Kanala. Nestled amidst the i... more

Panagia Kanala church

Panagia Kanala: the miraculous icon

The Panagia Kanala church is situated in the southeastern region of Kythnos, near the village of Kanala, which stands... more

Loutra Thermal Springs in Kythnos

The Healing Waters of Kythnos: Unveiling the Mystique of Its Thermal Springs

Kythnos, a serene Cycladic island of Greece, is renowned for its enchanting beauty, captivating landscapes, and a tr... more

Kythnos Aerial Photo

Kythnos: Discover the Hidden Paradise of the Greek Islands

Discover an island that embodies the timeless allure of Greece - a well-kept secret, a stone's throw from Athens, and... more

Archaeological Museum of Kythnos

Opening of the Archaeological Museum of Kythnos

Last year, (2023) the Archaeological Museum of Kythnos was inaugurated, a dream of the island's inhabitants that came... more

Kythnos Honey with Yoghurt

Exploring the Culinary Landscape of Kythnos Island

The island of Kythnos, a gem in the heart of the Cyclades, holds a wealth of treasures for those who venture o... more