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The Thermia Suites, a jewel nested on the charming island of Kythnos, Greece, embodies a story as timeless as the Grecian lands themselves. Our legacy is interwoven with the rich tapestry of Greek hospitality, a culture introduced by the ancients and flourishing in our vibrant community today. The Thermia Suites is a sanctuary where friendships are forged, memories are curated, and joy echoes in the rhythm of Aegean waves.

Unravel the Luxury of Idyllic Holidays in Greece

Strategically positioned on the serene island of Kythnos, The Thermia Suites extends a warm welcome to guests seeking an unmatched luxurious retreat in Greece. Our philosophy is anchored in a deep-rooted passion for showcasing the remarkable beauty of Kythnos, while simultaneously safeguarding its stunning natural landscapes and a rich cultural heritage that spans thousands of years.

An Emerging Residential Paradise

The Thermia Suites, our exclusive collection of luxury suites built with the sophisticated traveler in mind, extend a unique opportunity to acquire unforgettable memories on this beautiful Greek island. Nestled within the heart of The Thermia Suites or cradled amongst Kythnos' rich nature, you'll find more than a residential experience – you'll be gifted with the Greek way of life.

A Premier Wellness Destination

The Thermia Suites is a unique retreat for those seeking the best thermal springs destination, offering an unparalleled 100% natural wellness experience at a stone's throw from the suites, amidst the captivating natural beauty of Kythnos. The island's signature thermal springs, set against the backdrop of the vast Aegean Sea and the rolling hills of Kythnos, present a soothing retreat for wellness enthusiasts, promising an unforgettable rejuvenation journey under the mesmerizing Greek sunset.

The Epitome of Traditional Luxury in Greece

Located near the enchanting town of Loutra, The Thermia Suites is committed to the highest standards of interior decoration and traditional Cycladic philosophy, from construction to operation. As one of the secret travel destinations in Greece, The Thermia Suites strives to offer authentic experiences, always with deep respect for the natural environment, the local community, and the island's rich history and culture. Join us on this captivating journey and be part of our enduring story.

Thermia Suites Boutique Hotel Kythnos Island Greece Standard Double Room with Side Sea View

A Prime location

Gracefully situated in between two serene gulfs and Kythnos' thermal springs, The Thermia Suites offer the escape you always dreamed of.


Loutra, Kythnos

84006, Greece

Thermia Suites Boutique Hotel Kythnos Island Greece Deluxe Double Room with Sea View

The Thermia Suites Deluxe

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Thermia Suites Boutique Hotel Kythnos Island Greece Standard Double Room with Sea View

The Thermia Suites Double

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Our services

The Thermia Suites offers exclusive services and benefits for the comfort of its guests. Our mission is to provide an unforgettable Aegean experience, in the Cycladic Island of Kythnos.

Swimming Pool

Take a dive in our outdoor pool that is accesible to all our guests from 10:00am until 7:00pm.

Thermia Suites Boutique Hotel Kythnos Island Greece Standard Double Room with Side Sea View


Enjoy a sip of excellent espresso, right from your private coffee machine in every room.

Rent a Boat

In partnership with VK RIBS and Baiocco Kythnos rental boats, you can rent from a wide range of motorized speedboats, without needing a license.

Bring your Pet

Pets are more than welcome in our hotel. Just contact our management team for securing the details.

Diving Experience

We are partners with Aqua Team Kythnos and can arrange sessions for Scuba diving, Snorkeling, and the best part: You can acquire a diving diploma in 5 to 7 days.

Sea Kayaking

We partner with Capetan Manolis, who organizes private and group seakayaking tours for you to explore
the fantastic coastline scenery.

Zealots Perks

Those who know Zealots of Nature, already smile. Those who don't, will discover them in their rooms.

Your own Bathrobe

For that regal feeling you so much deserve and crave, our bathrobes are perfect for use at our outdoor pool.

Bespoke Cocktails

Enjoy refreshing The Clumsies Original Cocktails and a variety of soft drinks from your room's mini bar.

Taxi Services

Arrange your transfer with our staff from Athens International Airport to any desirable port in Athens and straight to the hotel, or anywhere in Kythnos Island.

Free Parking

Park your vehicle in the safety of our open-air private parking space, right outside the hotel's entrance.

Free WiFi

Our hotel provides free internet connection to all our guests.

Feel free to contact us and learn about the exclusive benefits that make our guests feel like “a home away from home”.

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Kythnos is the secret island you always dreamed of finding. Plan your visit now, and embrace the serene hospitality only a place like The Thermia Suites can offer you.

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